Who Are You?

How often have you dealt with people in your business that are out of town or state that you never meet?  We work with Bob and Frank, terrific and talented people in California.  They are the highly trained ceramists and technicians that work with us on delivering the highest quality work to our patients.  What I find funny is that I have no idea what these people look like.  If you're like me, you start to develop a mental picture of what they look like.  Case in point: I spoke with a person that handled appointments for a dental  specialist that we refer to.  We were referring patients to them for 2 years before I met her.  The funny thing is I had developed such a picture of this person that when I actually saw her my first thought was;  "What happened to Carol?" It turned out I was talking to Carol. 

OK, back to the people in California.  I sent an e-mail asking for pictures of them so I would have a real picture of what they look like.  I received the e-mail today with the pictures. Lynn sent me 4 pictures and asked me to guess who they are.  I don't know these people!!  They sure aren't my people!  Ha!