What is a tooth really worth?

At some point in your life, you will most likely have to decide what a tooth is worth to you.  As you age, teeth will decay or break and you will be faced with the decision to fix it, pull it, replace it, or do nothing.  Some of us may choose to spend the money to fix the tooth or replace it because we can't stand to be without it.  Some will decide they do not want to spend the money to fix it or replace it and will have it pulled,  and don't mind the empty space.  Some, like John Lennon, will choose to do nothing.

Lennon's rotten tooth was recently put into a British auction by his former housekeeper's daughter. The tooth was bought by a Canadian dentist for $31,000! The dentist plans to display the tooth in his dental office for people to admire.

Earlier this year the famous wartime hero, Winston Churchill, had a set of gold plated teeth that also sold in an auction for $25,500! The teeth were sold by the son of the dental technician that made them and were bought by a British collector of Churchill's memorabilia.

Today, in the 21st century we have the technology to fix or replace teeth in such a way that they look, feel and chew like real teeth.  You just need to ask yourself, "What is my tooth/teeth really worth to me?"