Wedding Bells

My wife, Sharon and I just returned from her brother's house.  Our nephew, John, is getting married this weekend and his parents are busy getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.  They are hosting it at their house at the family ranch.  We were taking  some stuff to their house;  you know- tables, chairs, projector, screen- that sort of stuff.I have a dlp projector that can projectphotos, movies, ect. fromlaptop computers.  Most reheasal dinners that I have attended lately have some sort of "slide show" with photos and music depicted the bride and groom's family and friends.  It is always my job to provide the projector and screen.  This also means that I get to preview the "slide show".

The "slide show" is always one of my favorite parts of rehearsal dinners (that, and the toasts).  As I was sitting there watching the show about my nephew and his future bride, I was marveling about how wonderful my family is!!

It always seems that there are more photos of our family than the new side of the family.  I am so thankful that I am part of a large family that likes to be with each other.  (There will be over 100 people at the rehearsal dinner).

As I watching the "slide show", it brought back all the memories of my own kid's weddings.  My son, Bryan, got married 6 years ago.

                 Bryan, Jennifer, Jackson

My daughter, Karen, got married 2 months ago.

                                 Karen & David

Both seem like yesterday; well, Karen's was yesterday.  They both had "slide shows" at the rehearsal dinners and I loved them.

I love weddings, and through my family, I'm reminded what a wonderful time in life they represent. So, I thought I would offer any of my readers who have a wedding coming up a special wedding discount to make sure you have the perfect smile on your wedding day. Go to my website and contact us about your upcoming wedding. I love working with brides and grooms to make them look the best on their big day.

As we enter this wedding season, I am so thankful for allmy family and friends and the wonderful relationship we have.  In the midst of all this discouraging news that seems to dominate our media, I want to encourage everyone to reconnect with their family and friends.