'Tis the season of stress – give yourself the gift of a headache and TMJ Free 2012.

According to Google, one of the more commonly searched-for phrases in the winter season is "holiday stress." Why do you think this time of year can create such anxiety? This tension could come from many sources: * Busy schedules * Visiting family * Cold weather * Financial anxiety

With all this stress, any existing problems can be made worse. If you already are experiencing unexplained headaches, this season can become unbearable!

If you have consistent headaches, your TMJ could be the culprit. TMJ, part of Temporomandibular Disorder, is a condition which leads to headaches, among many other things. Some of the symptoms of TMJ are:

* ...popping in your jaw * …you can’t open your jaw all the way * …your jaw sometimes locks in place * …you have unexplained migraines * …random hip pain, back pain, or ringing in your ears

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of relief! Contact Dr. Reece at (979) 596-5402 to set up an appointment today.