The Un-Numb Drug

Have you ever thought that even though it is wonderful to have your dentistry done absolutely pain free, how inconvenient it is to STAY numb for several hours afterwards? I have been asked at least a hundred times about the possibility of a "reversal agent" for my local anesthesia. Well, guess what? There is one now. It is called Oraverse and it has worked very well in clinical trials and has been approved by the FDA for use in dentistry.

In those trials, it averaged a very significant reduction in anesthesia time- 60 minutes of anesthesia with it, versus 140 minutes without it.

I am certain that some people will never use this, but if there was an important meeting coming up, or a big gourmet dinner to go to, some patients might want to use this to lessen their chances of still being numb.

The material is easy to use, it is simply injected (obviously pain-free) into the site of the original injection, and it causes the body to metabolize the local anesthetic agent that much faster.

The website to read up on it is

We are in the process of learning more about this, and would love to hear from you if you think it might be something you would be interested in. Please call or email me to let me know.