The flaws of flossing

You know flossing is good for your oral health, you've been told that since you were a child. However, even if flossing is as second nature to you as buckling a seatbelt, you still may be doing it wrong. Here are 5 common flaws and how to correct them!

1. Using the same section of floss the entire time When you use the same section, you end up transport the bacteria from tooth to tooth instead of off of your teeth. Using a new strand of floss may sound wasteful, but it will successfully remove the bacteria from your teeth. 2.Skipping the back teeth Many people tend to skip the back teeth because it's hard to reach. It's still important to floss these teeth to remove the bacteria between your teeth and the gums. A good way of reaching these teeth is to use flossers with a handle to help you reach the very back of your mouth. "Softpicks" can also help get those hard to reach areas! 3. Snapping the floss in between your teeth Sometimes your teeth may not have much room to floss around. In that case, you should work the floss slowly into the space, rather than forcing it on your gums. This prevents the gums from receding over time. 4. Not keeping track of the teeth you floss You have a lot of teeth so as long as you floss in order, you shouldn't leave any out! 5. Quitting because your gums are bleeding Generally bleeding is an indication of gingivitis. The bleeding occurs because blood is rushed to the surface of the gums to fight off the With more religious flossing, the bleeding should go away and your gums should return to normal.