Teeth In a Day!!

It has been said that people would rather have bad teeth than a good denture.  When I first heard that, I was not so sure that I believed it.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I do believe it.  (Think about all the people we see with bad teeth).  Dentures are a poor substitute for teeth.  In reality, they are only a substitute for no teeth.   Then, if you factor in the emotional stress of loosing your teeth, it is easy to see why people are reluctant to trade their bad teeth for a denture. What if someone with bad teeth could trade in their bad teeth for  replacement teeth that are attached to implants and cannot be removed.  What if this trade could be made in just several hours.  This is what Teeth in a Day is all about.   I spent this past weekend in San Antonio at the dental school learning how to preform this procedure.   What is so amazing about this procedure is that so many people are candidates for these Teeth In a Day!!

In the coming weeks and months, I will be talking more about this wonderful treatment that can help so many people.  With Teeth In a Day  people won't have to decide between  bad teeth and a good denture.