Chad Whisenant

Chad Whisenant Steps Up to Help Those in Need

Chad Whisenant, the amiable, bon vivant grand master of classified and special projects marketing for The Eagle newspaper was in a film studio this morning filming the first of a three part series for Dr. Michael Reece.

The interview will appear in an upcoming marketing campaign aimed at helping those millions of Americans who are afflicted with a fear of going to the dentist.  Chad, who until recently harbored the same fear, courageously stepped forward to share his positive and life changing experience with Dr. Reece and team who emboldened and enabled Chad to address his fear and receive treatment.

Chad hopes his reaching out to other sufferers will enable them to also find their way to Dr. Reece to start their journey.  Stay tuned with part 2 of Chad's journey as he soon starts his 6 Month Smiles braces for adults with Dr. Reece.