Spring break in Aggieland

This is the start of spring break here in Aggieland.  We have taken the week of spring break off for the last 20 years.  In a college town, everything changes when the students are out of town.  The A&M campus is quiet and the restaurants and roads are not so crowded.

 The public schools always take their break at the same time, so all of the students are out of school.  That is why we started taken that week off also.  A lot of the team had kids that were school age, so it made it easy on everyone.  Of course, all of the kids have grown up and are not in school any more (including ours).  However, we have gotten used to the break and will continue to take the time off at spring break.

It is a great time to travel, (our favorite), or just relax.  It seems that some of our team is going on vacations, and others are just chilling and catching up on their sleep.  I hope you enjoy the break, and if you don't have one, I am sorry!  You should try it!!