Smile Like The Celebrities

Today we had a patient call letting us know how he "was feeling cocky" after getting his braces off yesterday. His wife had bought him a new shirt and he was going to work with his new smile for the first time. It makes you wonder, what affect could a new smile really have on someone? Being a recent graduate of Texas A&M, looking for a job can be intimidating. When going to an interview you want to look your very best and put your best foot forward. Having that new shirt or outfit can make you feel better, but how much better could that new smile make you feel? It is hard for me to say but based on the success of these celebrities, I would have to say having that "perfect" smile can do wonders for your confidence!

Having cosmetic work done may seem excessive or unnecessary to some, but when you consider how life changing it can be, is it worth it? I would have to say it is! Confidence is the key to success and having your dream smile can make all the difference in the world.