Sleep Study Results

The results are in! After my sleep study, Dr. Harrykissoon determined that many of my symptoms were reduced, but OSA was still affecting my overall sleep quality. I no longer have snoring during the night and my breathing interruptions are lower than before. The oral Somnodent appliance seems to have greatly reduced these problems, but not all of them.

My study showed that I was having around 40 leg interruptions an hour that did not awaken me, but took my body from REM sleep to non-REM sleep. Your body uses the REM sleep cycle to rejuvinate itself and store information for long term memory retention.  When the body is deprived of REM due to sleep disorders, your heart and respiration rates will speed up and can cause more fatal effects to the body.  It is important to get an official sleep study in a lab because this is one of many symptoms that would not be seen on an ordinary home sleep study.

Since my leg interruptions were taking me out of REM sleep, Dr. Harrykissoon suggested that I do a follow up and look at my options for alternate sleep appliances.  A CPAP is a great option to help increase that amount of air flow that your body receives during sleep. At my follow up, I plan on looking into the different CPAP options.