School’s (almost) out for summer

Ah, summer vacation... Lemonade stands, swimming pools, and no school! Now that we're older, the summer doesn't affect our lives so dramatically. Yet, some of that summer magic lingers on. Here are some great tips for taking advantage of the summer months, even when you are done with school.

Visit an amusement park. Astroworld isn’t open anymore, but Six Flags in Dallas and Fiesta Texas are both open every day in the summer months. Host a summer-themed party. You could hold a luau or just grill out with some friends. Go to a baseball game. The Rangers and the Astros are soon to be division rivals, but for now you can drive to watch either an American League or a National League almost any time. And don’t forget our local club team, the Brazos Valley Bombers. Their opening day is only weeks away! Beat the heat by taking a mini-vacation somewhere cooler. Or just head to the beach, if you prefer the sun.

No matter how bright the sun gets, a brilliant smile will still light up a room. Get your summer smile ready to go by calling us today and setting up an appointment. You can reach us at (979) 596-5402.