Pure Power Unleashed

Sports performance mouthguards have been around for decades, with variable success.  A Canadian dentist, Anil Makkar, has developed the best one yet, using the neuromuscular principles that we use to help headache sufferers and establish stable "bites".  You can learn all about these mouthguards at the following website:  http://www.makkaradvantage.com/ These guards can only be fitted by a certified neuromuscularly trained dentist.  I am proud to be one of these certified dentists.  I had the privilege of fitting College Station's own Bobby Bramhall, pro baseball player.  Bobby is a 2004 graduate of Consolidated High School here in College Station where he played high school baseball.  He went on to play baseball for Rice University, where he was a member of 2 College World Series teams.  The Rice Owls advanced to the finals of the College World Series both years. 

He is now a member of the Milwaukee Brewers orginization as a left handed pitcher.  He is back in College Station for the off season, working out, staying in shape and doing everything he can to develop and move up into the big leagues.  During the fitting process, Bobby exhibited more strength, greater range of motion, and better core balance; all of which are tremendously important to the professional athlete.  We are hoping that the extra edge he gets from is PPM elite mouthguard will help him realize his dream.

Stay tuned and we will keep you informed about Bobby's off season training and then his efforts in the Spring to make it to the "Big Show".