PPM and the PGA

There will be major announcement this next month regarding the Pure Power Mouthguard, (PPM) for which I am a provider.  The PPM has been used a lot by elite athletes in many sports to improve balance, range of motion and power.We have fitted several football players at Texas A&M,  Bobby Bramhall, professional baseball pitcher; and Brad Lardon, Director of Golf at Miramont Country Club. The PGA will be endorsing the PPM mouthpiece, and we should have this deal completed by  August, 2010. This deal was  supposed to have this deal done in May of 2010, however , there was a glitch which is now working in our favour. The PPM had to be approved by the USGA, a body which allows devices to be approved , as long as it is not a direct advantage to PGA players on the tour, according to their ruling sec, 14.3.

They rejected the PPM, because the USGA, has determined that PPM would be a direct advantage to golfers who use this product on the PGA tour. How about that for validity! The USGA has made an exception to the PPM, that in order for a golfer to use it on the PGA tour, that they will need a written diagnosis from a dentist that the golfer has TMJ issues.  Now , a golfer that wants to use it on the tour has to see a dentist for a diagnosis!  So , now  because of this exception , the PGA will now endorse the PPM. We have always said that golfers will benefit the most, and it is turning out to be true.

I wear a PPM myself when I play golf, and can attest to the claims of increased flexability and balance.  It has improved my game, (although some of the poeple that I play with might dispute that!!)