PPM and Monday Night Football!!!

If you remember, I am a certified dentist to deliver the PPM sports performance enhancing mouthguards (see last blog).  The PPM mouthguard got a terrific boost in its national recognition on Monday Night Football this past Monday, November 2, 2009.  

The New Orleans Saints were playing the Atlanta Falcons in New Orleans.  New Orleans won that game to run this season's record to 7-0.  If you remember, it wasn't that long ago that the Saints fans would show up at the games with bags over their heads (they didn't want anyone to know that they were fans!!).  To say that they have made a turnaround is an understatement.  The Saints are the only pro sports team that has outfitted their entire team with the PPM mouthguards. (Coincidence??)  The announcers of Monday Night Football spent several minutes at the end of the game telling the entire audience that they felt the mouthguards have been a large part of the success that the New Orleans Saints are having this year.  Only time will tell how well they do this year, but they are having their best year ever.  Geaux Saints!!

As you can imagine, the PPM website: http://www.ppmmouthguard.ca/  was overwhelmed with hits following the telecast.  We have received several emails and phone call at our office about the mouthguards.  Over the past year we have fitted several athletes for PPM's and we will surely do more as this story plays out.