Oral Health during Pregnancy...

If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, here’s what you can do to prevent dental problems during pregnancy that can be potentially harmful to you and your baby.

Brush and floss.

Brushing after every meal and flossing at least once a day are the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Go one step further with an alcohol-free rinse and a tongue scraper which both remove bacteria.

Go see Dr. Reece.

Experts agree that if you’re trying to become pregnant or undergoing infertility treatment, getting your oral health in check beforehand is a no-brainer.

Get cleanings every 6 months or more.

Research shows there is no risk having routine dental care during pregnancy, and dental cleanings are your best line of defense. Every 6 months is ideal, but Dr. Reece may recommend more frequent cleanings especially if you have a history of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Eat right.

It can be a challenge to eat healthy when you’re dealing with morning sickness, but trying to avoid sticky foods and eating course, fiber-filled fruits and vegetables, nuts, and cheese can help. If you drink soda or coffee with sugar, have a cup but don’t sip on it all day.