New You Dentures

Dr. Reece is an innovative Texas dentist grounded in the two complimentary worlds of dentist and dental instructor.

As a practicing dentist, Dr. Reece hones his craft daily to bring denture patients the latest in aesthetic dentures, and as the Chief Clinical Instructor at Las Vegas Institute, Dr. Reece shares his experience by training dentists from the world over in his New You DenturesTM technique.

Traditional or conventional dentures have continued to decline in quality by succumbing to market demands for low costs and mass production. The problem is, no two mouths are alike and ‘one-size-fits-all’ has actually become ‘one size doesn’t fit anybody’.

Dentures used to be crafted with pride by artisans committed to helping individual patients achieve the best possible results. Dr. Reece recognized this as a lost art and committed himself to developing a denture system designed specifically for each patients’ unique needs.

By combining aesthetic training with advanced denture building techniques and technologies, a New You DenturesTM trained dentist can often achieve dramatic results not possible with conventional dentures.

As you lose teeth the unsupported jaw bone begins to shrink. As much as 50% to 75% can be lost forever. The result is the dreaded ‘sunken-in’ look that identifies denture wearers.

Since the jaw bone is receded (and can continue to recede), conventional dentures do not replace the original contours of the face we associate with youth and health – full lips, strong profile, filled out lower facial features.

New You DenturesTM are built different. They use your existing jaw bone as the bedrock for a cantilevered denture, hand crafted to return your profile as close as possible to its original proportions conveying youth, health and a confident and beautiful smile.