Has something you really wanted badly seemed to be just out of your grasp?  It could be your dream smile, a new car, a bigger house,  a better job, or just a happier life.  For my husband it was catching a bass on lake Conroe.  My husband has been bass fishing tournaments  for years and typically does really well, I must brag!  Well the last three years on Lake Conroe he has not caught a fish to bring to the weigh -in during the Texas BASS Federation events.  A lot of people would give up.  But sometimes for the things we really want in life, we have to keep trying and NEVER GIVE UP !     Randy didn't give up. He went and "pre-fished" for this tournament and still never caught a fish.  The tournament was this past Saturday and I usually get to check up on Randy around lunchtime no answer; no response by text, so I am thinking not good!  We are listening to the weigh-in and people were only weighing in 1 or 2 fish out of a 5 fish limit still thinking NOT GOOD AT ALL now!  Finally, Randy pulls up and all I want to know is did he catch 1 fish!!  He holds up 1 finger and I am so relieved then finger number 2,3,4,5.  I was dumbfounded! No one else had weighed a limit out of 138 people and my husband went from zero to hero in one tournament 5 fish 17.43 pounds on Lake Conroe!!  So if you feel like whatever you are after; whether it be your dream smile, a new car, a bigger house, a better job, a happier life or even a bass : NEVER GIVE UP !!