My Sleep Study Experience

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the fastest growing areas of medicine and symptoms can readily be seen by your dental provider if they are aware of the signs.  My team and I have taken a personal interest in this disease because it effects 20% of the population, 10% of whom do not know they have it.  (We also are taking great interest in this because I have this problem.)   Untreated, OSA can cause several health issues and a decreased life expectancy. I was self-diagnosed with moderate OSA a few years ago and made myself an oral appliance to sleep in.  My wife has enjoyed it thoroughly because it stopped my snoring and allowed her to get better sleep.  Although the quality of my sleep has improved, I was never formally diagnosed by a sleep physician.  You can only bediagnosed with OSA by a physician, so I called Dr. Rajesh Harrykissoon for a consult.  He agreed that I had symptoms of moderate OSA and suggested I get a sleep study done at the College Station Medical Sleep Center.  The Med has the only accredited sleep lab in all of the Brazos Valley.  I had a wonderful experience with the sleep lab team even if I did look silly.

Stay tuned as I will follow up when my formal diagnosis comes in.