More Las Vegas

I always rent cars from Hertz.  They have great customer service and I love it.  Some people tell me that they are higher than some of the budget companies, but with the rewards programs, etc. I don't think so.  But even if they are a little higher, I don't care, because I like renting from them.  I am a member of the President's club, which means that I get to play rental car roulette.  As a member of the President's club you get a lot of free upgrades, and as such I never know what kind of car I am going to get.  I have gotten cars that range from Hyundai to Hummers.  This trip Sharon and I got a Cadillac. I told you last time that we were staying at the Wynn Hotel.  It is my favorite and one of the reasons why is that the Ferrari showroom is at the Wynn Hotel.  Where else but Las Vegas can you walk into one of the most exclusive automoblie dealerships right in your hotel?  Alas, the showroom is only open Monday - Friday and there is a $10 dollar charge to visit, but we got to see some of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Las Vegas is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and this trip Sharon and I ate at Nove Italianoat the Palms Hotel.  It is on the 51st floor of the Palms Hotel and the view is incredible!!  The food is also incredible also.  I don't think that it is possible to eat at all of the great restaurants in Las Vegas, as there are so many.  I would have to place Nove Italiano on that list as it is now our new most favorite (of course that is only good until the next trip).

The trip wasn't all play as I did go out to LVI Wednesday - Friday and got to work with some incredible dentists from all over the US and Canada, helping them refine their skills and become better dentists.  I really enjoy it as I always think that I learn more than they do!  It really keeps me fresh to exchange ideas and techniques with some of the best dentists in the world.