Las Vegas

I have the privilege of being an instructor at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Clinical Studies.  This is the world's foremost post graduate training facility for dentists from all over the world.  We train dentists to design and build beautiful smiles, help patients with headaches and rejuvenate broken down bites and teeth.  

This means that I go to Las Vegas 8 - 10 times per year (somebody has to do it).  I am lucky enough to have my wife, Sharon come with me on this trip.  We are staying at the Wynn, one of my favorite hotels.  Usually, I stay our in Summerlin, (a vegas suburb) where the Institute is located.  Sharon and I are going to go to some shows and see some of my favorite sites of Las Vegas.  This is a great time of year to go to Las Vegas, as it is not too hot yet, and the crowds are down, (as well as the hotel rates).  Even Las Vegas is not immune to The Economy.

More to follow.