In Office vs At Home Whitening--What's the Difference

Summer is here and that's a reason to smile! Whitening treatments are in demand for the season and there is much debate about in-office procedures versus at home treatments. In short, yes, both options work, but it depends on what you're looking for. Whitestrips work for removing surface stains. Bleaching the enamel with bleach trays physically changes the color of the teeth's underlying structure while removing stains from the enamel as well. The difference between the strips and bleaching trays is that the strips don't get every nook and cranny. Teeth are translucent and trays can address both sides of the tooth, while strips only take care of the front. In-office procedures penetrate deeper to whiten teeth. At our office, we use a process called, "Zoom". In short, whitening strips can be used for touching up, but long term effects are better seen with bleaching trays and in-office procedures!