How going to the dentist changed one child’s life

Some internet memes are passing fads, reaching a few thousand hits after going viral and then fading into internet oblivion. One viral video that has yet to slide off the map is this video of a kid returning from a visit to the dentist, still a little sedated. If you haven't already watched it, it is pretty funny

The family of this young man has explained the back-story here. After having a tooth removed, David (the protagonist of our story) offers up such deep thoughts as "Is this real life?" and "I have two fingers." You might not think that a whole lot of people would want to watch this home video, but the clip has now been viewed over a hundred million times!

David's family has capitalized by selling t-shirts and receiving ad revenue from the youtube viewings. This goes to show you that going to the dentist can be a life-changing event, even when you don't expect it to be.

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