How a patient without hope, conquered her fear and learned all things are possible.

  We received a beautiful letter in the office today from one of our Six-Month Smiles adult cosmetic braces patients:


Dr. Reece and staff:

When I began this journey, I had no idea what to expect.  I was embarrassed and terrified.  Quickly as I began to find a dentist something about y’all stood out and made me feel like it was the right choice, so I sent an email.  Nearing a panic attack, I made it to my first appointment.  I was in complete relief by the time I left the office.  The office staff was so welcoming and friendly.  You all genuinely cared about my smile as much as I do.  I was comforted and felt relieved to have found the perfect dentist office for me and my condition. 

Appointment after appointment I have become much more comfortable with dental appointments and actually started looking forward to them!  There are always smiling faces to greet me and people bubbling with happiness every single time I come in.  Month after month Dr. Reece always pulled a different intern or student in to look at my progress which made me even more excited about how far I had come.  I always knew that the staff at your office cared about my smile; however, the day Dr. Reece surprised everyone and decided to take my braces off, I felt overwhelmed with excitement and everyone in the office was just as excited as I was and that is when I knew how much you all truly cared! 

Thank you all for making this journey the best it could possibly be.  From the kind words to the hugs when I was in tears every bit was greatly appreciated and I cannot thank you all enough.  I would not have been able to conquer this without each of you.  I came in January 2014 terrified that my teeth were past the point of correction and here I am July 2014 with a beautiful smile!

I never thought a perfect smile would be achievable for me and I would be a 20 year old girl with dentures, but through this journey I have come to realize all things are possible.  Thank you for making my dream a reality!  It truly means the world to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,



After - Six Month Smiles Adult Orthodontic Braces

6mo_Smiles Appreciation Letter_after

Before - Six Month Smiles Adult Orthodontic Braces