Guinea Pig??

I have obstructive sleep apnea.  This is a sleep breathing disorder where people snore and stop breathing during the night while sleeping.  This disorder affects up to 25% of all people.  If untreated, it will cut 20% off your life expectency.  This is a greater than untreated heart disease.  The biggest difference is that most of these people are undiagnosed.  I believe that this will change over the next decade and I am very involved in getting the word out as I suffer from this disorder. In order to help spread the word we talk about this extensively in our dental office.  I am also involved as a test subject in a research project here at the Las Vegas Institute.  One of the ways to treat obstructive sleep disorder is with dental devices that hold your jaw forward to open the airway.  We are going to test various bite techniques in these dental devices.  In other words, how far forward do we need to hold the jaw.

There are 20 of us in the research project and we will all get 3 different devices made at different bite positions.  We will then sleep with them and monitor our breathing every month to see which ones work the best.

I am very excited about this research, not only for my self, but for the millions of people who are dying too soon because of this problem.  More to follow....