Give your smile high priority!

Bad breath. Cavities. Gingivitis and Periodontitis. These are just a few of the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Perhaps the worst consequence is a lack of confidence; without a bright smile at the ready, you are always at a disadvantage. The good news is that taking care of your smile is easy! It simply takes developing good habits.

I found this quote online "Each day, the average person spends 8.5 hours sleeping, 1 hour eating, 7.2 minutes volunteering and only 50 seconds brushing their teeth. Set your alarm 2 minutes earlier and squeeze in some extra brush time. Dentists recommend 2-3 minutes."

The amount of time we spend taking care of our smiles is disproportionate to the value of our smiles. Call us today at (979) 596-5402 to set up a visit to our office.