Eating for your Teeth: 7 Foods to Improve your Teeth

Studies show that there is a way to “Eat for your Teeth”. The following is an excellent way to promote oral health and munch on yummy foods: 1.Cheese: It is low in sugar and acid and high in calcium. Cheese also contains the protein “casein” that fortifies the tooth’s surface. 2.Sugar Free Gum: The sugar replacement, “xylitol” prevents harmful bacteria from degrading enamel. When you’re in our office, be sure to pick up a handful of our Spry sugar-free gum! 3.Celery: Celery contains a lot of fiber which helps whisk away plaque! 4.Pears: Also another food that is rich in fiber to help combat plaque 5.Tap Water: Tap water can contain fluoride which helps remineralize teeth and prevent decay! 6.Yogurt: Yogurt is another food that contains “casein” to fortify the tooth’s surface 7.Sesame Oil: Studies show that sesame oil helps remineralize tooth enamel. Washing with sesame oil can actually be as effective as Chlorhexidine in reducing plaque!

Keep these foods in mind the next time you’re making your grocery list!