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Truth & Lies about Dental X-rays

The ever popular WebMd television show, The Dr. Oz Show, insights its viewers on many medical and health topics both on T.V. and Sirus radio.  Dr. Mehmet Oz brings up various occurring health issues and concerns that inspire his viewers to take an active interest in not only their health but the care they receive from their health professionals. His new concern was on thyroid cancer and how there is a direct relationship between that and dental x-rays.  Radiation exposure is always a concern especially with the growing rate of cancer throughout the country.  That is why we have only used digital x-rays for the last 9 years.  The exposure from digital x-rays is significantly less than film x-rays.  The radiation exposure one receives from digital dental x-rays is minimal and you are  likely to receive more than ten times that just by stepping outside your front door to greet the day.  In fact you receive almost the same amount of radiation just by laying next to someone in bed as everyone has small amounts of naturally occurring radioactive materials throughout their bodies. Dental x-rays are used as a preventative measure to keep you orally healthy and are taken once every twelve to eighteen months.  It seems that the small amount of radiation that one receives from these digital x-rays are worth the risk.