Do It Yourself Dentists

I did an interview yesterday with Alex Villareal for KBTX television.   It seems that they were doing a story on "Do It Yourself Dentists".  The focus of the story was that there are people out there that are doing their own dentistry.  The implication was that people were trying to save money by not going to the dentist. There are many stories on the Internet with people talking about taking care of their dental problems themselves.  They are using nail files, super glue, pliers and even drills on their teeth.  Now, we have been known to advise our own patients to use nail files on broken teeth (to smooth a sharp edge), or even super glue to glue something in temporarily until they could get into our office.  The key word here is "temporarily".  However, the thought of someone using a drill on their own teeth really scares me.  One slip and you could cut lips, tongue, cheek, etc. 

My response in the story was that when people put off their dental problems, it will come back to haunt them.  The longer you wait to address your problems, the more it will cost and the less predictable the results will be.  KBTX did a good job of reporting the story and I felt proud to be a part of it.

After I watched the piece on KBTX, I wondered if the fear of going to the dentist had any role in people doing their on dentistry?  It is hard for me to imagine people doing some of the things that you read about on line; but then,  there a lot of people who are petrified about going to the dentist.  This is something that we really empathise with.  We know that this fear is real and focus on helping these phobic people.