Michelle Bachmann and Migraines

Recent news has come out concerningRep. Michelle Bachmann having a problem with migraines.  The media is going nuts about Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s migraines.  It is said that she can’t handle stress and THAT is why she has migraines.  We know that stress alone does not cause migraines.  Many Americans suffer with some form of headache.  Several basic types: Sinus, Cluster, Tension & Migraine.  While headaches are typically treated by a physician to rule out any serious condition, there is evidence that improper occlusion (bite) can play a significant role.  Research has shown that the muscles in the forehead & temples play an important role in posturing & closing the jaw.  When the occlusion (bite) is not right this can lead to abnormal tension in these muscles leading to headaches as well as other problems.  Left alone without correcting the bite, these muscles remain tense never reaching a relaxed state and therefore causing headaches.

I hope her physicians have exhausted all options before resorting to medications that treat symptoms when a possible fix could be as simple as correcting her occlusion (bite).  Many people have had life changing results from finding the correct bite and having a custom made orthotic to adjust there bite to a correct relationship.  Neuromuscular Dentists have the technology available to properly evaluate these muscles to determine if they are affecting your bite resulting in headaches and other various problems.