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Mosquito Inspires Near-painless Hypodermic Needle

Hey fellow Texans, is there any thing good to say about a mosquito?  Especially a big ole Texas mosquito.  Mosquitoes are perhaps useful for something after all, besides feeding frogs. Along with his colleagues at Osaka's Kansai University, mechanical engineer Seiji Aoyagi has created an almost pain-free hypodermic needle that is based on a mosquito's snout.  While mosquito bites definitely do itch, the itching only occurs after the feeding is complete.  The initial "bite" itself can barely be felt.  Just think about it, most of us don't even know we have been bit until it is over. 

This new technology is not yet ready for the open market, but hopefully it will be soon.  We go to great lengths to make our injections painless.  Over 10 years ago we discovered a fabulous way to give injections using "The Wand".  People tell us over and over that they never feel our injections.  You can be sure that if there is a better way, we want to incorporate it into our office.

Dental Blah or Dental Spa

Hate going to the dentist?  Our office offers warm or cool pillows for your neck, a tempurpedic cushioned chair pads, a lavender hot wax treatment for your hands as well as nitrous oxide for a relaxing visit each and every time you come.  Take the worries of the day away.  Many times during the day, before or after an appointment, my patients  will say how much they look forward to their visit or that they really felt relaxed after it was over. I believe that some of them come just for the spa like treatments they receive. Our patients can have any of the above amenities or choose the comforts for which they wish to have at each appointment.  There is no reason why your dental appointment should not be a pleasurable experience with our team of 5 that has over 100 years of combined dental hands on treatment for the best care a dental practice can offer.