Police Department

Bryan Police Department and NET

Monday I walked up to the front of my office and to my surprise I saw a police officer using my telephone.  I didn't know if I was in trouble or if there was trouble in the office.  Kimm then introduced me to Officer Albert Neveu.  Officer Neveu explained to me that he is a member of the Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET),  and is assigned to our neighborhood.  Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske has implemented this program to build partnerships with Bryan residents, business owners and religious leaders to foster better community involvement in problem solving. Officer Neveu had just come from answering a call in our area and had asked to use our phone to file his report.  He told us that he is permanently assigned to our area, and that he is our liason to the City of Bryan for issues ranging from quality of life issues, ongoing criminal acts, and visual plight, both on city and private properties. 

This is such a novel idea that we had to get some photos with Officer Neveu.   He is a very personable and I want to commend Chief Buske and the City of Bryan for utilizing this NET program.  I am sure that it will pay large dividends.