Sharon and I enjoyed some vacation time with our good friends, the Tripulas' at one of our favorite spots, Carmel on the Monterrey peninsula on the California coast.  We have known David and Michelle Tripulas for over 30 years as we met in dental school.   Carmel is famous for a lot of things, notably its golf.  It is the home of Pebble Beach as well as many other fabulous golf courses.  Of course, David Tripulas and I had to get on the links and enjoy the great golf courses.

Carmel is also famous for its world class shopping, and Sharon and Michelle were happy to stimulate the local economy.  One of the local icons is actor/director Clint Eastwood.  He has a home in Carmel and owns several restaurants.  We ate at one of his restaurants, Mission Ranch. 

He was in town and we just barely missed him, as the people at the restaurant said that he had just left. 

However, we didn't miss the a Capella vocal group the Overtones.  This group was discovered by Clint Eastwood's wife in South Africa and did the soundtrack to Eastwood's hit movie Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.  The Overtones sang several songs and later signed CD's for the patrons.  Sharon and Michelle were quick to pull out the money for the CD's and a chance to get the autographs of the members of the group.