A Perfect Smile by May with 6-Month Smiles

In six months, a lot can happen. Six months from now it will be the spring of 2012. Half a year from now, students will be nearing the end of their school year, families will be gearing up for summer vacations, and your teeth will be straightened into a perfect smile! The first two will happen no matter what you do, but the third can happen if you start your 6-Month Smiles treatment soon.

Traditional braces could take years, and the unsightly metal gives you a reason to put off fixing the problem. Now, with the advances made in orthodontics, the treatment fittingly called ‘6-Month Smiles’ can get your teeth in order -- in an average of six months. Not only that, but we use tooth-colored braces and wires to keep you looking your best during the treatment.

Have you thought about getting braces, but the stigma around braces has held you back? There is no better time than now, no better treatment than 6-Month Smiles! Have the perfect smile by May. Contact us today at (979) 596-5402.