A New Sideline?

In October 2012, my nephew Eric Michael Reece and Jenny Greening, his fiance are going to be married in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This is my brother's son and when we heard about the upcoming wedding everyone was very excited.  We are all looking forward to going to Scottsdale in the fall for a great time and celebration. Last fall, Eric and Jenny asked my to be the officiant at their wedding.  This took me by surprise and my first response was laughter.  After I realized that they were serious, I felt very honored.  I told Jenny that I would, of course, have to meet her parents.  (I don't marry anyone if I haven't meet the parents.)  Sharon and I just returned from a visit to beautiful Scottdale and a wonderful visit with all of the wedding party.

The first thing that had to be done was my ordination!  Thankfully, that can be accomplished pretty easily today.  We are all in the midst of planning this wedding!!  We will keep you updated as to the progress.