A Matter of the Heart

Good morning!  This is Kimberly, a dental hygienist at Dr. Reece’s office. Monday was Valentine’s Day, and if you’re like me, you probably begin thinking of love, hearts, and maybe a little chocolate.  Additionally, I always think of my daughter and want to get something for her that has a special meaning.  This particular time, the card was bought in advance, but I couldn’t decide what her gift should be. Would it be that Fossil messenger bag she’s been eyeing, or a gift card to Sweet Eugene’s for her coffee fix, or some other special treat? The choices were actually endless. However, the answer was never clearer than when she showed up at my office first thing on Valentine’s morning.  She received a phone call informing her that her Dad, who lives in Florida, had a heart attack and was in the hospital. For a young lady who loves her Dad, this call was devastating, and my decision regarding what she most wanted for Valentine’s Day was clear – she wanted to be with her Dad.  With that being the immediate need in my daughter’s life, a plane ticket was purchased, and she was with her Dad before Valentine’s Day ended. My daughter’s presence at the hospital with her Dad has been like medicine for his heart – a comforting presence in his room, not only for him but also for her. So, my question for you is, how do you care for your heart and the hearts of others? I’m not talking about just eating right, exercising, proper dental care, etc. – although these are all extremely important for your physical well-being.  By coming alongside another person and providing comfort for their heart, it nurtures your own heart as well.