6 Month Smiles!!

How would you like to have straight teeth in only 6 months with clear braces?  I am so excited to announce that we have become a provider of this great service.  There are so many times that I talk to people who like the shape and color of their teeth, but they are crowded or have spaces.  They are reluctant to have veneers placed on their teeth, but would love to have a nice smile with straight teeth.  Well, now we have a solution for them. Most adults are not against orthodontics to straighten their teeth, they just don't want the metal mouth or have to wait 2 years.  Now, with 6 MonthSmiles (adult cosmetic braces) you can get straighter teeth with clear braces and in as little as 6 months.  We use clear brackets and tooth colored wires, so these braces are almost invisible.

Here, you can see the difference between traditional braces and 6 Month Smiles clear braces.

6 Month Smilesbraces cost less than traditional braces, take as little as 6 months, and tend to be less sore that traditional braces.  This is possible because we are not moving back teeth or changing anyone's bite.  They are not for growing children, rather they are Adult cosmetic braces.  We are so glad to offer this additional service as we help people get the smile of their dreams!