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All-On-4® is an unusual name for a revolutionary idea that can literally change your life.

Dr. Reece can replace your mouthful of unhealthy teeth or ill-fitting dentures in as little as one day. Using four implants per arch, Dr. Reece will rigidly secure a permanent set of beautiful, fully functional teeth you don't take out. You will never leave our office without a full set of teeth.

Real Patient Stories


All-On-4® Implants provide the foundation for a worry free smile.

Eat what you want.  Enjoy life again!


Kimm Knight, Treatment Coordinator, explains the benefits of All-On-4® and New You Dentures

ALL-ON-4®  Q&A


Q:  Can I Eat AND TASTE MY Favorite Foods?

A: YES!  Corn on the cob. Apples. A thick steak. A crisp carrot. You may have denied yourself for so long that you've forgotten the true joys of eating without worry. Since All-On-4® dentures have the strength created from being implant retained you can dig in and enjoy any foods you want.

Conventional dentures have a plastic plate separating your denture from you upper arch which limits your ability to taste foods. With All-On-4®, your taste, texture and temperature sensations return because your non-removable denture is open to the roof of your mouth.


Q:  DO ALL-ON-4 Dentures REQUIRE Adhesives?

A:  NO.  All-On-4® dentures stay in 24/7/365, secured by implants.  This freedom is one the most commented on benefits by All-On-4 patients.


Q: DO Some PATIENTS REALLY REPORT AN Increased Self Confidence?

A:  YES.  If you have been wearing dentures, then you probably have lived the embarrassing stories. Dentures that fall out of your mouth while talking or come loose when eating. Running out of adhesive. Stumbling through an important speech. Covering your mouth when you laugh.

These are all things of the past with All-On-4®. Dr. Reece's patients' report a new sense of life. An increase in confidence that shows up at work, in relationships and in a willingness to get out and get going again. For many, it is as if the clock has been turned back, and they have been given a fresh start.


Q:  Can The procedure be done in As little as a day?  

A:  YES.  In the past, you had your teeth removed by one specialist.  Then you waited to heal.  Next, you had your implants installed by another specialist.  Then you waited to heal.  Finally, you had your denture fitted.  The process took months as you went from office to office.  

With All-On-4®, your extractions, implant surgery and creation of your healing denture can be done in one day at Dr. Reece's office. You leave with fully functional, non-removable teeth and are able to eat immediately following your procedure.


Q:  Are ALL-ON-4 Comfortable?

A: YES.  All-On-4® non-removable dentures are so comfortable you won't even notice you are wearing them. They are as second nature and comfortable as natural teeth.

You will never have a denture sore spot again.  Non-removable, perfectly fit All-On-4® don't move, rub or irritate and leave your mouth free of sore spots.


Learning To Laugh Again

If you have practiced not laughing to protect your dentures from falling out, then get ready to enjoy the uninhibited joy of laughing fully and without inhibition in the theatre, with friends, in restaurants. It takes a while to retrain your brain that it's OK to enjoy life again. But All-On-4 patients quickly come to trust their new permanent dentures and soon their personalities begin to reshape into more outgoing and confident expressions of personality.

Is All-On-4® For Me?

Dr. Reece was trained by Nobel Biocare, the company that invented All-On-4®.  In one short visit Dr. Reece can tell you if you a viable candidate for the All-On-4® procedure.

Many factors can come into play in determining if you will be good fit for All-On-4. Dr. Reece will look at your overall health and ask if you a smoker, have uncontrolled diabetes or other risk factors that could effect the success of All-On-4®.

Older adults will need to have a sufficient amount of bone structure in which to anchor the All-On-4® implants. However, even patients with substantial bone loss still have options such as bone graft surgery that can supply the needed base bone structure into which the All-On-4 implants can be anchored.

It is important, that no matter what you consider your condition, that you have Dr. Reece, who is trained in implants, determine your needs and outline your many options. The upside is by receiving implants you effectively stop any further bone loss and secure a firm foundation for the rest of your life.

The All-On-4® Process

The All-On-4® process involves the following steps:


  • Diagnosis, Imaging and Measurements

A diagnostic appointment with Dr. Reece in advance of your All-On-4 implant placement allows Dr. Reece to see if you will require any extractions (for patients with remaining teeth) and to take X-rays, CAT (CT) scans, impressions and photographs as needed.

Dr. Reece then uses his unique skill to combine this information into a plan that will produce a painstakingly accurate template of the optimum location, depth and position needed for your new implants. The template will then be used in your next visit to provide a pinpoint accurate guide for your implant installation.

The goal is to stabilize your jaw, stop bone loss, provide a rock solid foundation for your All-On-4 dentures and optimize the neuro-muscular alignment of your bite while achieving the most pleasing cosmetic result.

Dr. Reece has trained for years to enable him to bring all these different disciplines together to achieve the best possible results. His work can truly be considered artisan.

  • Implant Placement - Your All-On-4® Day!

Within a few days your template will be ready and you will be scheduled for your exciting big day.

By using the measurements from the previous step, Dr. Reece obtains a precise template to determine the exact location, angle and depth of your implants. Four or more implants per lower and four or more implants per upper jaw are then permanently installed by Dr. Reece.

The implants are placed in the back part of the jaw are angulated to achieve maximum strength advantage to the existing bone structure. And with a minimum of only four implants needed per arch, the procedure is much less invasive and involves less surgical time and pain than previous alternatives. Same day convenience is truly amazing

  • Temporary Denture Placement

Once your implants are positioned, a temporary, but fully functional and cosmetically pleasing denture will also be placed on the same visit. This temporary denture is used to allow your implants to heal properly at which point your definitive or final denture will be installed. Different patients heal at different rates, with the upper and lower jaws healing at different speeds, but you can expect the process to take a few months.

The good news is your temporary dentures can be used with complete confidence and without ever having to remove them. You truly end up with All-On-4®.

  • Final Denture Placement

After healing for a few months, your new teeth, which have been painstakingly hand-crafted by Dr. Reece as true works of art will replace your temporary denture.

Each tooth in your new smile is given special attention and designed to look completely natural. Together, they give All-On-4® patients what they always dreamed of - non-removable, functional, natural looking teeth that make them look years younger instantly.

Dr. Reece's advanced training in cosmetic dentistry is at the heart of the creation of your new teeth. The shape, contour, color and even fine differences are designed into each tooth to achieve the exact look of natural teeth.

The spacing and projection of your All-On-4® will add the correct youthful fullness back to your profile and leave your smile indistinguishable from natural teeth. Nobody will ever know your wearing permanent dentures.

  • Taste, Confidence and Lifestyle Return

Since your teeth are rigidly and securely attached to your palate with the implants there is no plastic covering the roof of your mouth as in conventional dentures, which allows your once again experience the natural taste, texture and temperature of your food. This one fact alone is why so many people are choosing All-On-4® from Dr. Reece.

The gag reflex often caused by conventional removable dentures is also eliminated, along with the embarrassing situations that loose dentures can cause.

Many patients report that they have felt a renewed since of invigoration from the compliments they receive and the confidence they have gained from having fully functional teeth. Add in that they have effectively stopped their rapid bone loss with the addition of their implants and the choice is clear for those patients who want the most out of life and to stop living under the restrictions of regular dentures.

How To Maintain Your All-On-4® Teeth

Since one of the medical benefits of implants is stopping bone loss, you will want to have regular check-ups over the next few weeks following your All-On-4® procedure to ensure your implants have successfully been fused to your jaw's bone structure. Dr. Reece will then determine if any adjustments need to be made. Once everything is healed and the implants are firm and strongly attached to your jaw, you'll then only need to have an annual check-up.


Since All-On-4® are non-removable, the only thing you will need to do is to brush them regularly to remove debris and plaque. Simple. And, yet another reason our patients love the results. You will too!


How Long Do All-On-4® Implants Last?

With proper maintenance, All-On-4® can last most patients decades. All-On-4® do require regular brushing to clean and remove plaque. Just like real teeth, proper care and maintenance is key to long term wear.


Bone loss is not reversible. Why you can't afford to wait.

Every day that you go without replacing a missing tooth with an implant or All-On-4®, you experience bone loss in your jaws. It is permanent and non-reversible. All-On-4® effectively stops bone loss and when the custom designed dentures by Dr. Reece are installed in place, your lips and profile are once again filled out to give you the most pleasing and attractive youthful appearance possible.


What Do All-On-4® Cost?

Less Than The Price You Pay Each Day In Pain, Embarrassment and Suffering

Many patients say the cost of All-On-4® was a small price to pay for ridding themselves of the pain, embarrassment and suffering associated with conventional dentures or missing teeth. In one day, they were able to walk out of Dr. Reece's office finally free of the worries and fear that had haunted them for years. Your life changes for the better with All-On-4®. Dr. Reece and his team understand and they work with you every step of the way to make it happen.

For About The Price of A Mid-Size Car Per Arch - And Without the Depreciation

For many, a mid-size new car (which is comparable in cost per arch of getting All-On-4®) would be a nice addition. A car depreciates the moment you purchase it and continues to deteriorate in value and function over its short life. All-On-4® continue to deliver a full functioning set of teeth, without cost, day after day, year after year and for many last decades.


Kimm, our Treatment Coordinator, is an experienced, compassionate expert in helping patients change their life with All-On-4®.  Give her a call, she would love to help you.


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